Spherical Roller Bearings MB | 球面滚子轴承 MB

Spherical roller bearings MB | 球面滚子轴承 MB

Spherical roller beairngs MB | 球面滚子轴承 MB

Dealing with very heavy radial and axial loads in applications prone to misalignment or shaft deflections? Meet the challenge with spherical roller bearings, whose high load carrying capacity and ability to accommodate misalignment help you obtain low maintenance costs and long bearing service life.

Our assortment includes spherical roller bearings designed for many applications, including CA type, MB type CC type, as well as split type. 



Product Range | 产品范围

* 22220 - 22280

* 22320 - 22380

* 23030 - 230/1180

* 23130 - 231/1180

* 23230 - 232/1180

* 23930 - 239/1180

* 24030 - 240/1180

* 24130 - 241/1180

Product Standard | 产品标准

Dimension standardsBoundary dimensions: ISO 15, except for the width of sealed bearings with a BS2- designation prefix

For additional information 
P5 geometrical tolerance on request (designation suffix C08)

Except for:
  • Bearings with d ≤ 300 mm:

    • width tolerance at least 50% tighter than ISO standard 

    • P5 geometrical tolerance

  • Bearings for vibratory applications:

    • P5 bore diameter

    • P6 outside diameter

Values: ISO 492 
Internal clearance

Normal, C3
Check availability of C2, C4 or C5 clearance classes

Bearings for vibratory applications: C4

Bearings for high-speed applications: C4
Check availability of C3 clearance class

Values: ISO 5753-1 (as far as standardized)
  • cylindrical bore 

  • tapered bore 

Values are valid for unmounted bearings under zero measuring load.
Permissible misalignment
  • Guideline values for light to normal loads (P ≤ 0,1 C) and constant position of misalignment relative

    to the outer ring
    Whether these values can be fully exploited depends on the design of the bearing arrangement, the

    bearing abutments in the housing, etc.

  • When the position of the misalignment is not constant relative to the outer ring, additional sliding may

    occur in the bearing, limiting misalignment to a few tenths of a degree.
    Examples are:

    • vibrating screens with rotating imbalance and therefore rotating deflection of the shaft

    • deflection-compensating rolls of paper machines where the stationary shaft is not straight

  • To avoid detrimental effects on sealing performance, misalignment for sealed bearings should not

    exceed 0,5°.

尺寸标准基本尺寸: ISO 15,带 BS2 型号前缀的密封轴承的宽度除外

按需提供 P5 级几何公差(型号后缀 C08)

  • d ≤ 300 mm 的轴承:

    • 宽度公差至少比 ISO 标准严格 50%

    • P5 级几何公差

  • 振动机械专用轴承:

    • P5 内径

    • P6 外径

值: ISO 492

检查是否提供 C2、C4 或 C5 游隙组别

振动机械专用轴承: C4

适合于高速应用的轴承: C4
订购前请检查 C3 游隙组别的供货情况

数值: ISO 5753-1 (以符合标准为前提)
  • 圆柱孔

  • 圆锥孔

  • 参考值适用于以下条件:轻载荷到一般载荷 (P ≤ 0.1 C),且内圈与外圈之间的角度误差不变: 

  • 在某些情况下,内圈与外圈之间的角度误差是会改变的,导致轴承内产生额外滑动,因此内圈与外圈之间的角度误差应小于 1 度。

    • 振动筛属于不平衡转动的工况,因此轴挠曲的角度也在转动

    • 在造纸机中专门为补偿挠曲的滚筒,其静止轴不是直的

  • 为了避免对密封性能造成不良影响,密封轴承的不对中不应超过 0.5°。



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